Conference Programme 

Conference Opening Night 


Monday 18 October - 18.00 CET onwards

Spazju Kreattiv - The Malta Centre for Creativity, St James Cavalier, Valletta

18.00 hrs: Musical Introduction feat.

Malta Philharmonic Orchestra Principal Flute, Rebecca Hall


18.10 hrs: Welcome Speech by Conference Co-Convenors 

18.20 hrs: Speech by Pro-Rector for Academic Affairs, University of Malta


18.25 hrs: Official Inauguration by HE the President of the Republic of Malta

18.30 hrs: Keynote Speech by Riel Miller, Head of Futures Literacy, UNESCO


19.15 hrs: Musical Piece feat.

Malta Philharmonic Orchestra Principal Flute, Rebecca Hall


19.30 hrs: Conversations Around Museum Futures feat. 


Daniel Azzopardi 

Artistic Director, Spazju Kreattiv, Valletta


Eleanor Suggett 

Head of Experience, Barker Langham 


Gonzalo Herrero Delicado

Curator, architect and educator

Paul Tourle

Senior Consultant, Barker Langham


20.15 hrs: Reception (for in-presence participants)


First Day of Proceedings 

Tuesday 19 October - 8.45 hrs CET

Old University Campus, Valletta

08.45 hrs: Registration & Welcome Note

Session 1 - Democratising Museum Spaces

09.00 hrs: Keynote Speech by Jette Sandahl - European Museum Forum



Plenary Session


Moderator: Patricia Camilleri 


09.40 hrs: Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing: Unmasking ‘social’ museum utopias as tools of governance

Evelyn Fränzl 

Freelance interdisciplinary researcher, Austria

10.00 hrs: From Cultural Democracy to Cultural Justice: Creating an inclusive art world

Kathryn Brown, Alain Quemin, Glòria Guirao Soro, Yoram Eshkol-Rokach,

Oceáne Sailly & Franziska Wilmsen

Loughborough University, United Kingdom and Université Paris VIII, France

10.20 hrs: Picnic at Tito’s Mausoleum? Democratisation of the Museum of Yugoslavia

Milena Jokanović

University of Belgrade, Museum of Yugoslavia, Serbia

10.40 hrs Sudden Disturbance: transforming participation in a time of pandemic 

The case of Polish museums

Marta Kopiniak 

University of Wroclaw, Poland


Questions and Discussion


11.10 hrs: Coffee Break

(included with registration)

Session 2 - Making Sense of Digital

11.30 hrs: Keynote speech by Fabio Viola - Tuomuseo

Plenary Session 

Moderator: Reuben Grima 

12.00 hrs: The Museum Social Media Experience: User practices, views and feelings 

Sophia Bakogianni

Open University of Cyprus

12.20 hrs: Disrupting Museums: Innovative Trends in Partnerships

between Museums and Startups

Brendan Ciecko

Cuseum, U.S.A.  

12.40 hrs: FutureS of the Past : A virtual museum that challenges assumptions

and (visual) perceptions

Vicky Karaiskou 

Open University of Cyprus

13.00 hrs: A Bright, Hybrid Future for Exhibitions

Bernadine Brocker Wieder 

Vastari, United Kingdom

Questions and Discussion

13.30 hrs: Lunch Break


Parallel Sessions A - Democratising Museum Spaces 

14.30 hrs CET

Moderator: Toni Attard 

14.30 hrs: Aiming Beyond an Institutional Comfort Zone:

what organically growing art scenes may rather need

Borbála Kálmán

Ludwig Museum - Museum of Contemporary Art, Budapest (Hungary)

14.50 hrs: Socio-Political Curatorship: museums as inclusive spaces for community voice,

welfare, and change

John Vella

Bir Mula Heritage Museum, Malta

15.10 hrs: In Search of Equilibrium between Physical and Digital: A case study from the Martin Von Wagner Museum in Würzburg

Dominik Lengyel & Catherine Toulouse

Brandenburg University, Germany

15.30 hrs: The Era of ‘Co’: Caring of in Co-Creative and Collaborative Practices 

in Covid-19 Times  

Elena Terranova  

King’s College London   


Questions and Discussion



Parallel Sessions A - Making Sense of Digital

14.30 hrs CET

Moderator: Dylan Seychell

14.30 hrs: The Role of Emotions in Museums of the Future 

Paolo Mazzanti, Alberto del Bimbo, Lorenzo Greppi & Claudio Rosati

MICC - Media Integration andCommunication Center | NEMECH - New Media for Cultural Heritage -  University of Florence | MuseiEmotivi Project, Italy


14.50 hrs: TikTok and Museum Education: A visual content analysis

Emma June Huebner

Concordia University, Canada


15.10 hrs: The Multi-Platform Museum: An analysis of audience behaviour for 2 million Smartify users on-site and at home

Anna Lowe

Smartify, United Kingdom 


15.30 hrs: Virtual Museum and Storytelling: an educational experience at the Pinacoteca Nazionale of Ferrara, Italy

Stefania de Vincentis

Ca Foscari University, Venice


Questions and Discussion



Parallel Sessions B - Democratising the Museum Space

16.00 hrs CET

Moderator: Joe Gravina

16.00 hrs: Social Inclusion in Museum Education:

Where are we and where should we go?

Kata Springinzeisz

Pontifical University, Chile

16.20 hrs: Going Liquid: a reflection on the inevitable fluidity of museum’s communication

Juan Gonçalves

CIEBA, Faculty of Fine Arts, Lisbon


16.40 hrs: "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”

Museum education as the driving force in shaping the future of museums

Margo de Groot Conen

MK5060, The Netherlands

17.00 hrs: Collaborative Art as Change Maker

Karen Holdaway Grøn & Brigit Eriksson 

Trapholt Museum of Modern Art, Crafts and Design, Kolding, Denmark

University of Aarhus, Denmark


Questions and  Discussion



Parallel Sessions B - Making Sense of Digital 

16.00 hrs CET

Moderator: Karsten Xuereb 

16.00 hrs: Towards Augmented Art & Culture Experiences

Christopher Schutte

Particle - Singapore | Lugano | Milan 

16.20 hrs: The Human Element in Online Experiences - Relevance and significance

Giuliano Gaia & Stefania Boiano

Invisible Studio - Milan | London

16.40 hrs: How is Artificial Intelligence Renewing the Way We Analyse the Museum Experience?

Dylan Seychell

Colour my Travel | Department of Artificial Intelligence, University of Malta

17.00 hrs: Digital Transformation One Step At a Time

Rasa Bocyte & Johan Oomen

Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision, The Netherlands 

Questions and discussion 

17.30 hrs: Conclusion of Proceedings



19.30 hrs: Dinner at La Giara Restaurant, Valletta (booking essential)



Second Day of Proceedings 

Wednesday 20 October - 9.00 hrs CET

Old University Campus, Valletta


Welcome note


Day Session - Sustainability and Climate Change


9.00 hrs: Keynote Speech by Diane Drubay - Founder of We Are Museums



Plenary Session

Moderator: Clayton Cutajar

09.40 hrs: Love of Museums in the ‘Time of Cholera’: theory vs real-life

Ioanna Hadjicosti 

Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation, Cyprus

10.00 hrs: The Role of Narratives and Emotions to Fight Climate Inaction: A perspective from museums and science communication

Eduardo Rodriguez Batista

University of La Laguna, Canary Islands

10.20 hrs: Climate Change in the Ethnological Museum: Exploring local impacts and agency in the South Pacific with augmented reality 

Cristina Navarro

Staatliche Museen zu Berlin

Maja Stark

INKA research group, HTW Berlin

10.40 hrs: Greening a Historic House Museum: 

The pollinator project at Palazzo Falzon Historic House Museum

Caroline Tonna

Palazzo Falson Historic House Museum, Malta


Questions and Discussion


11.15 hrs: Coffee Break

(included with registration)

11.45 hrs: Where do we stand?

Agents of Change: Building Better Futures for Museums

Mike Murawski -  consultant and author of Museums as Agents of Change


12.20 hrs: Lunch Break

13.20 hrs: Conversations Around Museum Futures feat.

Patrick Noack

Executive Director, Dubai Future Foundation 


Gail Lord

President and Co-Founder, Lord Cultural Resources   

Sunil Kant Munjal 

Founder Patron, Serendipity Arts Foundation, New Delhi (India)

Moderator: Sandro Debono




Parallel Session A - Democratising the Museum Space


Moderator: Kurt Borg 

14.00 hrs: Neighbourhood Museum as a Participatory Artistic and Heritage Action

Željka Miklošević

Zagreb University, Croatia

14.20 hrs: Co-Creating Cultural Heritage Value in Museums:

a participatory futures-oriented approach 

Petra Caruana Dingli, Lisa Pace & Sandra Dingli 

The Edward Debono Institute, University of Malta

14.40 hrs: Reclaiming Cultural Democracy: what museums can learn from artist-run institutions

Matilde Balatti

Tenthaus, Oslo

15.00 hrs: Empowering Museum Guards to Become Connectors: A case study

Christopher Vorwerk

Stadtmuseum, Berlin

Questions and Discussion


Parallel Session A - Making Sense of Digital 


Moderator: Maria Cutajar 

14.00 hrs: Improving the visitor Experience with AI forecast: The Case of the London Postal Museum 

Cesare Fiala

CultureHint, London

14.20 hrs: Communication Devices and Technology for an Inclusive Museum: 

The integrated system ‘Museo Facile’

Ivana Bruno

Universita degli Studi di Cassino e del Lazio Meridionale, Italy

14.40 hrs: Touching the Untouchable: the role of social media at Bali museum during Covid-19 pandemic

Costina Andreea Calota

University of Pisa, Italy

Enrico Cori

Università Politecnica delle Marche

Francesca Cavallotti

Museo del Balì


15.00 hrs: Archaeological sites as places for recovery: (Co)-creating the Museum of Sounds

Chrysi Vomvogianni

Hellenic Ministry of Culture, Greece

Questions and Discussion

Parallel Session B - Democratising the Museum Space

Moderator: Caldon Mercieca 

15.30 hrs: The Pepoli Museum in Trapani Looks to the Future

Roberta Cruciata

University of Palermo, Italy

15.50 hrs: We are a Planet: Inside an exhibition about sustainability at Norrbottens Museum, Sweden

Jose Antonio G. Martorell

Freelance Museum Educator, Spain

16.10 hrs: The Power of Digital Storytelling: Creating human experiences to impact social change

Audrey Rose Mizzi

Spazju Kreattiv, Malta 

16.30 hrs: Connecting Museums with Communities through Storytelling 

Giovanna Conforto & Flavio Milandri

Centro Italiano Storytelling / Metamuseo girovago, Italy


Questions and Discussion


Parallel Session B - Making Sense of Digital 


Moderator: Adrian Debattista 

15.30 hrs: Sustainable Experimentation and New Collaborations with XR: GRIMMWELT+

Manuela Greipel

GRIMMWELT Kassel, Germany

15.50 hrs: Developing a Virtual Experience in Collaboration with a Small Game Studio and a Local Museum: A preliminary case study 

Miia Seppänen

Harhama Games, Finland

16.10 hrs: From Crosswords to Animal Crossing: Museum interpretation and digital games during the pandemic and beyond

Amy Hondsmerk
Nottingham Trent University, United Kingdom


Questions and Discussion


17.00 hrs: Conclusion of Proceedings and Conference Finale