The biennial conference debating museum futures


University of Malta Valletta Campus


18 - 20 October 2021




Predicting museum futures is no mean feat. Being unreasonably bold would be faced with the challenges of the now that would acknowledge much more what comes across as reasonable. It might be absolutely unreasonable that we re-invent the museum institution to address climate emergencies. Transforming the museum into a public space with a participatory management model is an ambition yet to be achieved. We might ask whether Museums can morph into genuinely democratic, inclusive and polyphonic spaces for critical conversations about pasts and futures. We could also question whether museums can ever be fully integrated within communities, acting as co-catalysts for radical changes in ways of seeing and living. Indeed, will a human-central museum, at peace with the natural environment, ever see the light of day? 


This conference seeks to present the latest thinking, actions and initiatives that modestly or radically depart from the traditional mold of curator/object-central spaces.  We are keen on showcasing the latest developments in the museum landscape, be they conceptual initiatives or projects that are happening and evolving in the now, and which may well inform, influence and define the museum, particularly with regards to climate change, artificial intelligence and future technologies, but not just. We are open to anything that is absolutely unreasonable to predict a reasonable future for museums. 


We welcome contributions from scholars, museum curators and directors, think-tanks, institutions and others working in the museum sector who act as or support game-changers in the sector. 



We shall be having a fantastic lineup of keynote speakers for the first-ever edition of this conference

Jette Sandahl has led ICOM’s efforts to define a new framework and new parameters for a current museum definition.

Her museum career is a commitment to the formation of new paradigms and platforms for individual and collective empowerment, for cultural participation and social justice.

Jette is a regular contributor in the museological field.

Mike Murawski is a changemaker, museum thinker, and author living in Portland, Oregon, USA. Mike is proud to be the co-founder of the #MuseumsAreNotNeutral campaign aimed at erasing the myth of museum neutrality.


Mike is  the former Director of Learning & Community Partnerships at the Portland Art Museum (Oregon, U.S.A.)

Diane Drubay is a long-standing member of the museum and innovation effervescence, a specialist in museum strategy but also an event curator, community builder, writer and artist. 

She is the founder and brains behind We Are Museums, a yearly event and European hub at the intersection of culture and innovation.

Interested in being part of this
exciting project?

We would definitely be interested to hear from all those of you out there who are changemakers at the forefront of the museum landscape. You might be an up-and-coming researcher or a seasoned academic, a museum curator in love with innovation and new ideas to explore or an educator pushing for new ideas and interpretation strategies. Go to the University of Malta website here to learn more if interested.


New submission dates to be announced shortly 




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The bi-annual conference is an international project developed jointly by Prof. Carmel Borg and Dr Sandro Debono at the Department of Arts, Open Communities and Adult Education (University of Malta). The conference seeks to inform the Department’s vision for and its active advocacy towards democratising the museum space and develop new museum models that are inclusive and polyphonic.

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